Bathroom taps can make or break a bathroom design – they offer a tactile relationship between the bathroom and the user, and they also serve to add to the room’s aesthetic appeal. Any well-designed tap should offer the perfect blend of practicality and design, says Raymond Oliver from leading sanitaryware manufacturer, Roca: “Taps have to be utilitarian, but they also need to be good looking as well.” He offers an overview on some of the most popular bathroom faucet trends leading the way forward:


Water is a very precious resource, and as more and more consumers become aware of the importance of saving water and leading more eco-friendly lives, so does the demand for water efficient taps continue to grow. As such, if you are replacing your taps, it is vital that you look for products that have green and water-friendly credentials – not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, but it will also save you money in the long run.

Raymond says that when looking for taps – there are some innovative water-saving features to look for. One such feature is a technology called Cold Start by Roca – this ensures that the flow always starts with cold 
water, which means that water heating systems are 
only activated when hot water is required, thereby saving energy. Water flow limiters are another useful feature to look out for – they can save up to 50% of water and energy usage by restricting the flow to a specified maximum number of litres per minute.

Says Raymond: “Roca’s CLICK safety system is an incredible water flow restricting system – it helps to directly limit the flow 
of water, forcing the lever upwards only if a greater flow rate is required. It also features an internal disc that, when turned, sets the temperature field for further energy savings. Roca has developed another flow limiting system call ECO, which is featured in its entire range of thermostatic taps. These taps are equipped with a blue flow limiter button that offers instantaneous water savings by reducing the
flow to 50%, unless the button is pressed which allows the control to then increase the flow.”

Sensor taps

Although sensor taps have been a popular choice for public restrooms for quite some time, they are currently gaining traction for residential applications as well. Says Raymond: “There are many benefits to sensor taps – touch-free operation makes them easy and more hygienic to use, and easier to clean. They also guarantee water and energy savings over time. Roca’s electronic intelligent tap for example, boasts cutting-edge technology, based on the fact that it switches 
on/off automatically, providing reliability, durability and long-term water and energy saving.”


Just as a faucet is a design element, so is its finish. Today, there are plenty of choices – whether polished, brushed or matt – these finishes include nickel, chrome, brass, bronze, black and stainless steel. However, chrome remains the most popular option by far, notes Raymond: “Chrome is one of the most high-end finishes, and with good reason – it is very easy to clean and maintain, it offers impressive levels of durability, and it virtually complements virtually all décor styles and other bathroom finishes and colour palettes.

“On the downside however, it does tend to show water spots and fingerprints, which is why Roca has developed a special finish called EverShine.The beauty of the glossy chrome finish of all Roca’s taps is possible due to Roca’s innovative chroming system, EverShine – the electrolytic coating provided by EverShine guarantees a dazzling tap over the course of time, which is also stain and scratch resistant,” he explains.


The most popular design styles for bathroom taps today err on the side of the more transitional styles – these designs fit in equally well with both contemporary and traditional decor, but with modern and up-to-date undertones. Says Raymond: “With regards to modern tap design today, the focus is on simple, streamlined design lines, offering a timeless, yet contemporary aesthetic. Simple, sleek and above all, stylish!”

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