Does your bedroom need a quick and cost-effective revamp? Here are some fun headboard ideas to make. You won’t need heavy machinery or extensive DIY experience, just your enthusiasm and some time.

Textiles and rugs: Hang a textile directly to the wall. Simply nail it with concrete nails. Choose a fabric that’s the same width as the bed, or slightly wider. Ethnic or colourful rugs will also work well.

Wall design: Draw a design directly onto the wall. If you’re not good at drawing, a projector will do the trick. Another method is to use a simple design and use the grid method to copy it onto the wall.

Old window frames and shutters: Look on social media sites like FaceBook Marketplace for old window frames and shutters. Lean these behind your bed or attach them to the wall with screws.

Paint: Use a spirit level and masking tape to paint a portion of the wall behind your bed. This will represent the headboard. Use bold colours, metallic or opt for a subtle variation.

Secure pillows to the wall: Use leather or fabric straps made from hardy fabrics such as canvas to hang pillows to the wall using screws. Use coloured pillows or subtle shades to match the bedding.

Folding screens: Keep your eyes on the social media market sites or scrounge around your favourite secondhand stores. Once you’ve found the right screen, simply flatten and press it against the wall behind your bed.

Stackable storage units: Use storage boxes behind your bed to increase storage space and provide shelves. These can be found at various pine furniture specialists such as Mistry’s, or use old crates.

Old Books: Upcycle your old books or browse through the books at your local second hand store or fleamarket. Glue the pages together with wood glue and attach to a backboard with contact adhesive.

All images are sourced via Pinterest – click here to see originals and more styled imagery